What our Customers say...


What an awful smell in my whole apartment. Thanks to your technicians and their equipment, everything is back to normal and I know I’m not destined for culinary greatness. 

My brother used SERVPRO when his garage flooded, and he made sure I had your number when disaster struck my house too. I think our whole family knows how great you are now.

Thanks to your amazing team, my apartment has never looked better. Who knew a leaking pipe could cause so much damage? 

Your entire team was a blessing in a traumatic time. Thank you for your fast response and expert work. 

Thank you SERVPRO for working to get my family back in our home after the fire. We are so grateful for the time you spent and the excellent work you did. 

Did an excellent job, kept me informed, very friendly and on time!

My wife called your team as soon as she found the sink leaking, and I’m so glad she did. Your team worked very efficiently and quickly to help us.

If not for SERVPRO, we would have had to replace much more after that storm. Instead, they restored a lot of what we thought was a total loss.

I am so glad you even got the smell of smoke out of our home after the fire. I could not have dealt with having to be reminded of that event by the odor.

SERVPRO did an excellent job in getting rid of the mold in our home, and they were fast, too!

I found the best team of workers when I called you for help with the fire damage to my business. You restored it back to how it used to look.

My wife panicked when she saw our home underwater after the heavy rains, but SERVPRO made it look like our home was never even full of water.

I was so relieved you were able to get to my house so quickly after it flooded and clean it up for me.

Thank you for all your hard work at getting the mold and stains cleaned up. I didn’t realize how bad it truly was.

It was a good thing I called you right away when our sprinkler system malfunctioned. I cannot imagine how much more damage would have occurred if I hadn’t reached out for help so quickly.

I’m so glad you found the source of the mold in my home and were able to clean it up for me. I had been trying forever!

When the heavy rains caused flooding in our area, it was devastating. Your team, however, was able to clean up my home so it was good as new.

Thank goodness we found you when we needed help cleaning up after a fire. It was such a mess we could never have done it on our own.

SERVPRO worked quickly when they came to clean up the mess from the ice maker that broke in our home. So glad you could help us!

I never would have been able to stop the mold from coming back if not for your help. Thank you so much!

The technicians were careful and kept everything clean and protected.  They did excellent work and the price was well worth it. Thank you!

We came home from 3 days away to find black mold growing in our water heater closet, and the house flooded.  Scary sight, but your staff had it cleaned and dried out in no time.  Great job - thank you!

I could not have asked for more professional people for this work.  They were prompt, courteous and did excellent work.

Your staff was professional and polite.  Thank you for cleaning our soot mess so quickly.  We'll be ready for Sunday worship no problem.

You cleaned a mess we thought couldn't be cleaned.  I am thoroughly impressed. Can't thank you enough.

You had us back in business within 4 hours after I called.  Definitely exceeded my expectations.  Thanks to all the staff at SERVPRO.

Thanks for taking getting here and getting the unit dried out so quickly.  Our tenant is happy, and so are we!

I am completely satisfied. Great job.

Your entire team was very professional. Thank you.

The manager explained the process well and everything went as expected.  

Our carpets have never looked better.  We'll be calling SERVPRO again.

SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg did a great job.  We thought all was lost but you cleaned most of our things as good as new.  No odors either.  What a relief it has been.  

Buddy, I'd like to congratulate you and your crew on results this week. Both the Iseman and Worley projects passed with flying colors! The Worley project in particular was hugely complex and your guys did a great job despite the challenges!

Thank you for doing such a great job of putting my home back together. SERVPRO did a fantastic job and was very professional. You have been wonderful making sure things were done properly and you always called me back promptly. I will tell anyone that has something like this happen to their home they should contact SERVPRO of Largo if they want things done quickly and perfectly.

I want to commend your franchise in Largo, FL for a truly outstanding job they did in rescuing us during a very damaging flood we had at our home recently. Buddy and Dennis were great; very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I can't say enough as to how they all helped get us through this traumatic event. You can be proud to have such an outstanding group of individuals, top to bottom, helping folks like us through difficult times.

Dear Buddy, I want to thank you for all courtesies and help in my reconstruction project. Your men were at my home within an hour and water was being pumped out quickly and efficiently. I compliment all your workers for being gentlemen, cleaning up after themselves and trying to accommodate my comfort zone. I can recommend your services without restrictions. Thank you for your indulgences.