SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg Employee Photos

female employee posing in a black SERVPRO shirt, long blond hair

Stephanie George-Crain:

Operations Manager | Large Loss Manager: Stephanie has been with the company for 4+ years. She came to us with an insurance background in commercial and residential property and casualty underwriting. Stephanie’s career with the team, started in the marketing department, then quickly moved up to becoming the Operations Manager. Stephanie brings experience in handling residential and commercial mitigation losses, specializing in commercial large loss projects to detailed residential projects. She oversees the mitigation operations within our team ensuring that we are up to date with all requirements with program platforms and the needs for each loss to ensure proper communication is met with the property owner, insurance carrier and program contacts.

IICRC certified: WTR, FSRT, OCT, ASD | Xactimate Certified

Rob in SERVPRO shirt

Rob Gruver:

Construction Manager | Commercial & Residential: Rob Gruver has over 30+ years of commercial and residential experience in the construction & restoration industry. He has been with our team for 4+ years. Rob will be there with you assisting with the reconstruction of the property immediately after a loss, making sure he is able to assess the structure of the property during the mitigation to transition smoothly to the reconstruction process. Rob manages and oversees the construction operations within our team. Rob has strong experience working with municipal, city, county and state permitting ensuring during the reconstruction all codes are followed.

IICRC certified: WTR | Xactimate Certified

Photo of Jason looking straight ahead

Jason Hayes:

Program Account Mitigation and Reconstruction Manager: Jason has been part of the team for 5+ years. He came to our team from another restoration company up in Missouri with 15+ years of experience in the mitigation and reconstruction field. Jason has experience with residential and commercial losses, his knowledge in the industry provides assistance with working with the property owner, insurance carrier and program contacts.

IICRC certified: WTR, ASD, CCT, UFT | Xactimate Certified

male employee posing with glasses and a white SERVPRO collared-shirt

Michael Wolfe:

Business Development Manager | Mitigation Project Manager: Mike Wolfe has been instrumental in the growth of our team over the past 6+ years. Mike has a 35-year history in the medical field and also excels in project management. Mike is unique in that he is with you throughout the entire claims process, from the first walk through to the start of the reconstruction. He will assist with discussion with the property owner, insurance carrier and program contacts and ensure all documentation is submitted to your carrier for the approved loss.

IICRC certified: WTR | Xactimate Certified

Male employee Ryan poses in a black shirt and hat, SERVPRO logo, light beard

Ryan Moore:

Business Development | Mitigation Project Manager: Ryan has been with our team for 5+ years. Ryan's career with SERVPRO started as a monitoring technician then moved into the business development field and project management. Ryan has a kind spirit and will walk through each loss with knowledge, care and compassion. He will work with the property owner, insurance carrier and program contacts through the mitigation process to ensure your property is brought back to preloss conditions.

IICRC certified: WTR | Xactimate Certified

Brandon posing in black SERVPRO shirt, light beard, and shaved head

Brandon Greenway:

Mitigation and Reconstruction Assistant: Brandon has been part of this team for 10+ years. He is skilled in all areas from mitigation monitoring, to business development, to project estimation. Brandon has the ability to help all of the team members out within the company through any project development. Brandon will assist with data entry and scoping of losses to ensure that the accounts contacts have all necessary information to continue with the claim process.

IICRC certified: WTR | Xactimate Certified

male employee wearing a black SERVPRO shirt

Timothy Crain

Asset Manager: Tim ensures that our warehouse and trucks are maintained and well organized ensuring that when we are called to action, everything is taken care of and readily available for service. With Tims experience, he is available to answer any and all questions when it comes to remediation and mitigation.

IICRC Certified: WTR, AMRT | Florida Licensed Mold Assessor | Certified Environmental Allergen Assessor 

female employee with blond hair wearing a black shirt

Cindy Wirt:

Office Manager: Cindy has excellent communication skills and interacts with our customers, technicians, project managers and the ownership to ensure a smooth operation. Cindy can answer job specific questions and provides detailed estimates and uploads on water damages for a seamless claims process. Cindy is 20+ year valued employee and her experience and positive attitude contributes highly to the success of the franchise! Cindy will oversee all program jobs and ensure that all requirements are met with the team and platform. 

Michelle in company shirt

Michelle Markeviech:

Mitigation Job File Coordinator: Michelle has been with the team for 2+ years.Michelle handles all job files that come through the office ensuring that all the correct documentation is within the file. Michelles exceptional quality of attention to detail ensures that each client's file goes through quality control checks to assist with all detail and data necessary for the loss documentation.

female employee with dark hair wearing a black sweater

Janet Davison:

Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable: Janet has been with the team for 2+ years. She came to us with a 20+ year background in the billing and accounting department. Janet is knowledgeable and skilled in the accounting industry and will assist you with working with your insurance carrier to make sure you are covered for the loss, with an approved claim within your policy limits.

photo of David looking straight ahead

David Altemose:

Monitoring Manager: David comes to the team with a strong background in commercial and residential property and casualty insurance underwriting for over 10 years. David has been with the team for 10+ years starting in the production field to now managing the mitigation monitoring department. This department is responsible for climate control, proper drying equipment and building stabilization and required reporting for the insurance carriers and the approved claim. David’s knowledge in the field provides helpful resources and tools to determine loss evaluation and assistance for the insurance.

IICRC certified: WTR | MICA Certified

three SERVPRO employees leaning against a truck

SERVPRO Monitoring Team: Brian Joyner and Charles Maxey -

The Monitoring Team: Working day and night, evenings and weekends, this team has every tool out there including their knowledge to monitor your property. Monitoring is a key for any mitigation loss. The monitoring logs are reports that need to be submitted to carriers and many times need to have an adjuster conversation to discuss why our team did what we needed to do to mitigate the loss. Brian has been with the company for 10+ years and Charles 3 years. Their knowledge in the industry combined with their drive makes this team unstoppable!

IICRC certified: WTR

Team NE St. Pete posing

SERVPRO Mitigation Production Technicians:

Our franchise has a team of 12 in hour Production Technicians. Of the twelve members, eight of them have been with the company for over 3 years, of those eight - six of them have been with the company for over 6 years. Specifically, our franchise hires technicians with a background in the field. All of our employees are certified with at least their IICRC WTR certification, but many of the employees hold 3+ certifications with the IICRC. Our technicians are on a rotating on call schedule ensuring that we are always available 24/7 for any situation.

IICRC certified: WTR | Xactimate Certified

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