Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage – St. Petersburg Home

Storm Damage at this St. Petersburg home left the flooring particularly waterlogged. Fortunately, SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg has a large inventory of rovers, ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – St Petersburg

Commercial water damage struck this St. Petersburg retail store when a water supply line to the public bathrooms burst during the night. The management of the s... READ MORE

Fire Ravinging Event in St. Pete

The charred remains of furnishings, and building materials like the pink batten insulation, are strewn across this St. Petersburg condo. This rental unit, alway... READ MORE

Water Damage – St. Petersburg Hotel

Water damage occurred at this St. Petersburg hotel when the main water line to the sprinkler system burst. The failed pipe was located in a storage area, and th... READ MORE

Significant Mold Damage in St. Petersburg

The before photo sharply illustrates the damage that can be caused by a mold infestation. Whether in St. Petersburg, or a different location, the remediation pr... READ MORE

Storm Damage – St. Petersburg Garage

Storm damage struck this St. Petersburg garage when heavy spring storms damaged the roof of the garage. Rainwater intrusion led to the ceiling becoming wet and ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – St. Petersburg

Commercial water damage to this St. Petersburg retail space resulted when the roof was damaged during a thunderstorm that contained high gusty winds. Rainwater ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – St Petersburg Home

Fire damage at this St. Petersburg home burned so hot that it burnt through the roof above the kitchen where it started. SERVPRO of NE St. Petersburg was called... READ MORE

St. Petersburg Rental Home Suffers Mold Damage

This older home's water heater ruptured leading to pooling water that was left in place until it evaporated. The absentee landlord discovered the water and mold... READ MORE

Water Damage- Crack in Slab

Discoloration developed in the hardwood floor over the course of 6 months in this Clearwater home. Since there was no indications of water intrusion or broken p... READ MORE